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Every NMR spectrum registered in the Zelinsky Institute is automatically stored at spectral server (ftp://nmr-service.ioc.ac.ru) as a raw Free Induction Decay (FID) signal with acquisition and processing parameters. This tool is designed to process these FIDs and create figures with spectra. You can print the resulting figures or save them as PDF, DOC, RTF, EMF, GIF, PNG and others.

On opening, the FID is processed with the contained parameters, and the spectrum preview is displayed. You can zoom it with the right mouse button. On the right panel, you can control some parameters: margins, scaling, appearance of integrals, peak picking etc., and apply automatic phase correction. Be patient after pressing the "Process" button: processing takes 3-5 sec average.

To find your certain FID on the spectral server you should login (on the right→): enter your Login name of four characters, like "abcd", and Password, press Submit.

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